EZY Switchgear was the brain child of Eben Bekker, Zola Mavuka and Yuri Ramsammy (Hence the EZY) during 2018.

We started off from one of the Founder's garage. Since the founding Zola's business (Striving Mind Engineers) took off and Yuri became a manager at a EV Battery Charger factory in Netherlands.

Our main focus from the start is to build a company that help people and help South Africa while ensuring excellent quality and safety to operators and owners throughout SA. Every unit that is repaired and used here is money that stays in our economy and feed our people.  Our company educates and empowers it people not just to be excellent in their work, but we also focus on building experiences and life altering coaching to everyone.

Since the founding we have grown to over 15 people and do work from Worcester to Ellisras. Some of our units are in Mozambique and Botswana.

We hope you can see our passion in what we do with the switchgear you buy from us and every customer/EZY team interaction. We look forward to helping you!


EZY Switchgear started refurbishing SF6 Switchgear


First municipal repair work, first mining repair work. Pace of 12 RMU per month reached by July 2020, support to Critical Services during lockdown.


Relocated to a larger factory in Daspoort.


BBBEE Level 2 achieved with Employee Ownership

93% Safety Audit Score achieved


ISO 9001 certification achieved