Protection Relay Fanox SIA-B



The SIA-B is Dual & Self-powered Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection Relay, using the operating current through three specific current transformers fitted on the lines. These transformers are also used to obtain current measurements. Besides, SIA-B can be used with an auxiliary power supply (24-230Vac/dc). The relay can be also supplied by a USB cable connected to the laptop, with the USB KITCOM adapter or a standard power bank.

The protection relay offers the advantage in self-powered mode, which starts up from 0.4 times the minimum primary current of the CT (three-phase current).

SIA-B is suitable for RMUs, SF6 insulated, and compact switchgear, in those installations where the space is critical, making the maintenance much more manageable and its lightweight helps the customer to save costs in transport.

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